Thursday, October 03, 2013

20 Things To Start Doing

This cute (and very appropriate) graphic showed up on my Facebook feed today, so of course I had to download it and colour it in because I'm still a little girl when it comes to colouring. 

A lot of these are things I really want to start doing, but I think I'm going to pick one at a time to start incorporating into my life. This weekend I'm going to work on #6. I seem to stay up much too late these days, which doesn't work as well when you're 34. I have such a hard time getting out of bed in the morning that I have to basically drag myself down the stairs while poor Lola has her paws crossed waiting to go out. It's hard when you work from home, and are a night owl. In a perfect world I would stay up all night long and sleep all day, but I know that those kinds of hours make my BPD worse. I have to start taking this seriously, and getting good sleep is one of the things that keeps popping up in all the literature I've read. (I suck at time management, that's another goal for another day!)

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