Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Breakfast For Dinner Of Champions

Alright, I'm back from my self-imposed seasonal depression sabbatical -- because the last thing the internet needs is more self pitying blog posts, amiright? Anyway, Randy and I were making thee best breakfast-for-dinner meal this weekend when I realized that I hadn't put together a blog post in a while so I grabbed my camera and took a few pictures before we sat down to eat.

I could probably eat breakfast 3x a day... and sometimes I do. (Although I'm not sure if Koala Crisp counts as a meal.) We forgot it was a holiday weekend and so instead of fighting our way through the Safeway we just raided the fridge & freezer and threw together a delicious meal.

Scrambled Tofu w/ Bacon

Mmm. Bacon. That part was pretty straight forward - we had half a pack of bacon in the freezer so I zapped it in the microwave for about a minute so I could peel it apart before putting it in the frying pan. We had two batches of bacon to cook so that took the same time as the tofu.

I buy prepressed organic tofu so I skip the whole pressing under a plate step but if you buy water packed tofu make sure you press it for half an hour first. I like to use firm or extra firm. Medium works too but it's a bit mushy. Pour a tbsp or so of oil in the pan (we use canola) and crumble your brick of tofu into the pan while heating it over medium-high. I don't measure any of my ingredients, it's all to preference. Add in about 1 tbsp of tumeric and mix it up so your tofu turns a nice bright yellow colour. This won't last so enjoy it while you can.

Next throw in anything you have in your crisper, I added some green onion & green pepper. Anything watery, like tomatos, should be added right at the end. I seasoned it with some garlic, onion powder and the best part, soy sauce. I use gluten free low sodium soy sauce so I really pour it on, but if you had a nice dark sauce you could use a lot less. I'm a bit of a soy sauce addict hence the brown scramble.. but it's delicious!

You can cook it until it's heated up and browned a little bit, serve it with bacon (or any veg side dish) and you've got yourself a delicious & super easy breakfast-for-dinner.


kellie said...

We enjoy breakfast for dinner too!! You are just so cute and fun!! I LOVE reading all your tweets and blog posts!!

Christopher And Tia said...

I'll never forgot the first time I ever had scrambled tofu. I was dating this guy, who worked for a tofu factory in Portland. Him and I had gone to a party together, and I had wayyyy too much to drink. Somehow, we got seperated, and he left me there all alone! When I finally found my way back to house on foot (it felt like I had been walking for hours), there he was, in his living room, eating a big giant plate of scrambled tofu.

Seriously, guy? You ditched me, came home, and you're eating without me?

...that relationship didn't last long.

But he did used to smuggle me loads of free tofu :)