Thursday, May 27, 2010

The re:365 Project - Take Two, Day One

I finally remembered to throw my camera into my bag today when I went out to the shops to buy ingredients for supper. I find myself saying "I wish I had my camera" almost every time I'm out. (I wish in a way that I had a cell phone with a camera, but that would involve having a cell phone in the first place.)

So on my little walk this afternoon I decided that I should attempt to do a 365 again as a twofold sort of project - one, to get out of the house more often and two, to take more photographs. My anxiety has been acting up the past few weeks so getting out of the house as much as possible will be a good therapy.

This photo was taken in the parking lot outside my building. The arrow points up to a light standard. I'm not sure who's watching, or where they're watching, from but I hope they enjoy the view.

1 comment:

jen said...

it's a great picture. they are watching, you know ;)