Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Etsy Christmas List

After spending too much time online this morning and incessantly tweeting Etsy finds to my followers, who I am sure are sick of me already and it's not even noon, I decided to put together a little list of Etsy finds that I wouldn't mind finding under my Christmas tree this year. This will also serve as a not so subtle hint to my boyfriend who once gave me an unwrapped VCR the day after Christmas (that he purchased at a Boxing Day sale) with a plastic bag of used VHS tapes... oh yes it gets worse.. one of the tapes was a Gallagher special. I know it's the thought that counts but really, a used Gallagher VHS is the kind of thought I can do without.

My Etsy Christmas Wish List:

1. Small Bunny Vase by prettyrandomobjects

Is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen? I almost can't stand it! I have a few ceramic bunnies that this would look great grouped with on my desk. It's such a sweet and simple design, I don't know what girl wouldn't love it.

2. Botanical Still II Print by stephanielevy

Stephanie Levy is an American artist living in Germany who creates beautiful illustrations of everyday things like living rooms and window sills with a modern design element to them. These would look great in a grouping of 3 or more down a hallway or above a table. I would love any of her Botanical prints, or better yet all of them.

3. iPhone and iPod Touch Cozy (Sir Hamilton) by annamatic

This is one of the most clever iPod holder designs I have seen, although I would probably giggle to myself everytime I put my iPod up Sir Hamiltons bottom. Nevermind the fact that I don't even have an iPod touch (yet) but this might be all the incentive I need.

4. Hogweed - Coptic bound journal in dark teal by paperiaarre

I've been journalling since my 12th birthday when I received a 5 year diary complete with a lock and key. The majority of them have been destroyed (believe me, no one needed to read about my teen years) but now that I am all grown up I love to pick out the perfect new journal, one that I will keep on the shelves and be drawn to fill with musing every evening. This is one of those books. I want two, one in teal and one in linen.

5. Prairie Hoody 2-Way Zip Hoody Jacket Dress by SelenaEon

I've had this jacket dress on my favourites for ever - it's one of those items I go and look at now and then to see if it's sold or if I can still hold out hope. I love the design, the chest and back detailing, the ruffle skirt, the gathered sleeves and pockets, the color.. a lot of work went into this dress. I might just have to save up my Christmas money and buy it for myself.

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stephanie levy said...

Hi, Thanks so much!! I am honored to be on your wish list :)

I'll be in touch!