Monday, November 17, 2008

We've come a long way baby.

Somehow or other my 3 year Etsy-versary is coming up. It's shocking, I know - where did all that time go? Have I really made over 1000 things? No wonder my fingers are so sore. I'm thankful for that time though because it's allowed me to learn and grow not only as a seamstress but as a business owner, marketer, graphic designer and photographer.

I've been looking back at my first sold items - and cringing. I decided to re-do my first big seller, the check book cover in Alexander Henrys Light Bright fabric. Version 2 has a few upgrades, a pen holder, bigger pockets and a snap for extra security.

And here's the original listing. I am still using this check book holder by the way. It was so cute I had to keep one for myself. (I won't even tell you how many wristlets I have kept over the years.)

What a difference 3 years make! This not only goes to show my own evolution, but just how far the online marketplace has come. Your image is important but your key to success? Your customers actually being able to see those images.

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pea said...

i am glad there is a whole lot of you to catch up on.
i just read back through your entries and i adore you just as much as ever.

p.s. hello!