Thursday, April 01, 2010

Flashblack Friday #3

Looking at Tias pictures of her & her husband I decided to dig out an old hard drive backup in search of my 2003 photos

Randy & I met in the spring of 2003.. he was a friend of the boy I was dating (I use the term dating loosely here) and we had talked to each a few times over the internet. The boy I was dating had warned me that Randy was "weird" but we seemed to get along pretty well so when Randy needed a new roommate in a hurry, I offered to move in with him. We hung out a few times, found the cutest little house and moved in together on June 1, 2003. Less than two weeks later Randy had stolen me away from his friend and the rest is history.

In case you're wondering, no ones feelings were ever hurt. The boy I was dating was happy for me & Randy & we're all still good friends. This story has a very happy ending. :)

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Sarah said...

Awwww love it! What a great love story! :) It's nice no one got hurt too!

AlyGatr said...

You got stolen, huh? We always laugh about the fact that my hubby met because he was chasing after a friend of mine who wasn't interested in him more than a friend :) Didn't work out for them but it did for me!

Christopher And Tia said...

Look at you two with all of your converse cuteness!!

I LOVE these pictures.

Cathy Peng said...

that's a great "how we met" story! my hubby and i met in spring 2003 too! and we both wore and still wear converse sneakers :)