Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Free Shipping Wednesday!

I've been going through my stack of not-quite-finished and not-quite-started sewing, trying to remember what all these pieces of cut fabric were supposed to end up as. Before I start anything new I want to finish up these projects. I previously used to sew items as I sold them but part of my restructuring plan is to make the stock and then sell it - no more midnight binge sewing sessions for me.

I was pretty excited to find 4 cut and ready brown leaf bamboo pillows just waiting for their zippers. I have one in my living room and it's my favourite pillow. I think this fabric is out of stock now but I wish I had bought more, I would love to make myself placemats out of it. Anyway, to celebrate me getting off my butt and finishing these pillows after they sat in the to-do pile for over a year I'm happy to offer free shipping on them! Hooray for small accomplishments. :)

See the listing for theGreen Leaf Bamboo Cotton pillow slips or the Chocolate Brown Bamboo Cotton pillow slip!

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sassy said...

hey girl! LOVE the blog! I just say your amazing flower power baby blanket an dmy hubby and I just bought a yellow VW camper van...anychances you can make that blanket much bigger? Give me a quote if you can!
(I can't wait to make your patters!)